Commission a Custom Digital Painting

  • Contact or email for a custom quote & please include:
    1. The Size You Want (18 X 24) (24 X 32) (36 X 48)
    2. A detailed description of your idea
    3. All Reference Pictures & Inspiration Pictures
    4. Due Date:
      • A) ASAP (2-3 Days)
      • B) Prompt (4-6 Days)
      • C) Relaxed (7-9 Days)
      • D) Extended (10-12 Days)                                                
  • With the information above, we will determine your difficulty level together.                
  • Once a custom agreement is made on the basis of art style you want ranging from custom black art, to pets, or your specific variation.
    • Crixtover will begin painting once the first half of the payment is completed.
  • Once the first payment is made, you secure your place in Crixtover's painting queue
  • When the artwork is done, we will send you a separate invoice for the shipping. (We Ship World Wide!)
  • Then your custom digital artwork will be on its way to you! :)

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